Sparkling Wine Martivillí

8,6010,25 IVA Incluido


Made exclusively from one of the Verdejo grape varieties.

The fermentation is carried out using the traditional champenois method, fermentation in tank followed by a second fermentation in bottle for 30 months in the underground cellar at a constant temperature of 12ºC.

The fermentation process is carried out using the traditional champenois method.

All of this means that the sparkling wine produced possesses a large amount of small bubbles.

Sparkling wine of a yellow colour.

Pale yellow colour, clean and bright Wine.

Intense fruity aromas on the nose.

Well carbonated, tasty with a bitter finish, typical of the Verdejo grape variety.

The difference between the three types of sparkling wine is the sugar content. The Brut Nature is the driest, containing no sugar at all. The Brut contains an amount of 6gr of sugar and the SemiSeco the amount of sugar is between 32 and 50gr.