Located in the town of Pozaldez, in the province of Valladolid.

This municipality is part of the Rueda Denomination of Origin, the first D.O. of white wines of Spain, and is recognised for its long winemaking history.

The production area covered by the D.O. Rueda is located in the Community of Castilla y León and is made up of 74 municipalities, of which 53 are located inthe south of the province of Valladolid, 17 inthe west of Segovia and 4 in the north of Ávila.

The municipality of Pozaldez is located in the heart of the DO Rueda, seven kilometers from La Seca and most of its land is the typical gravel (quartzite boulders).

The Rueda character is defined by three elements: the Verdejo grape, native to the area, the continental climate and the gravelly soils.

The Verdejo grape has lived in the Rueda Denomination of Origin for centuries.


The vineyards are located in the municipalities of Pozaldez, Pozal de Gallinas and Rodilana. In the Pagos El Sotillo, El Poleo and El Millón.

They are brown soils rich in calcium and magnesium and stony, which favours good aeration and drainage.

The weather

The vineyards are 700 and 800 metres above sea level. Its lands, bathed by the Duero river, are flat but high, with very cold and long winters, short springs and hot and dry summers.

The difference in temperature between day and night is the secret of the balance between the sugar and acidity of the grapes.


The main varieties are: Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc and Viura.