Martivillí Verdejo is one of the best known White wines of D.O Rueda, elaborated by Bodegas Ángel Lorenzo Cachazo. In 1988, Ángel Lorenzo Cachazo founded his own wine cellar, following his father´s family tradition as well as previous generations, elaborating white wines in Pozaldez (Valladolid). This municipality is integrated in the denomination of Origen Rueda, the first white wine D.O in Spain, which is recognized for its long viticulture history.

The vineyards, planted by Javier Lorenzo who had chosen the best lands and the ancient verdejo´s clone from the area, are found in the municipal terms of Pozaldez, Pozal de Gallinas y Rodilana, Pagos El Sotillo, El Poleo and El Millón.
These are brown lands rich in calcium, magnesium and stony, which contributes to a good aeration and drainage.

Martivillí Verdejo is a monovarietal wine 100% Verdejo from 45 hectares of own vineyards formed in espalier, situated between 700 and 800 metres high. They endure very cold and long winters, short springs and hot and dry summers. It is worth pointing out the wide range of temperatures between the day and night in August, which when combined with the vineyards height and stoniness, enables an ideal maturity of grapes, maintaining the perfect balance between the sugar and sharpness of the grape.

The land where the strains are located is rich in calcium and magnesium, stony soils that facilitate the aeration and drainage of rain. The harvest of the grape is mechanically carried out at night, where the absence of light and the low night temperatures are ideal to avoid oxidation in must, upgrading the quality of the wine.

The variety of grapes that are cultivated are verdejo, sauvignon, blanc and viur, although verdejo is the major variety in our wine cellar, with the 85%.


The steps of the elaborating process of our wines are the following:

  • Harvest in the field

  • Reception and unloading of grapes in the hopper

  • Destemming and crushing

  • Pressing and racking of the musts

  • Fermentation of the must

  • Racking

  • Clarification

  • Filtration

  • Tasting and selection of items for the wine for the completion of coupages

  • Bottling of Verdejo Rueda Martivillí

“”Wine, teach me the art of seeing my own history””